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Welcome to the UK Industrial Vision Association

The primary objective of the UK Industrial Vision Association is to promote the use of image processing technology by manufacturing industry in the UK. One of the most important ways in which this is done is to provide information about all the members, on a factual and uniform basis, to all enquirers.

To aid visitors seeking to learn about Industrial Vision Systems we have devised a What is Vision? section which provides information from all aspects of the industrial vision manufacturing industry. Featuring articles relating to compact vision systems, smart cameras, image processing and automated inspection.

Although machine vision implies automatic interpretation of images, the Association also provides information on other forms of electronic imaging such as infra red, x-ray and high speed cameras, not always subject to automatic analysis.

What is an industrial vision system? Read more about what Industrial Vision systems are and how they are integrated in to the UK Industrial Vision industry. To learn more about Industrial Vision please read our What is Vision guide.


Featured Products

Bare is Beautiful! Introducing OEM’s & System Integrators to a powerful board level camera Multipix Imaging launch the new Basler board-level series called dart. The board level cameras use various Aptina CMOS sensors with 1.2 to 5 MP resolution and deliver up to 54 images per second through the USB 3.0 interface. With S mount, CS mount and bare board options which offers great flexibility during system setup. More...