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Welcome to the UK Industrial Vision Association

The primary objective of the UK Industrial Vision Association is to promote the use of image processing technology by manufacturing industry in the UK. One of the most important ways in which this is done is to provide information about all the members, on a factual and uniform basis, to all enquirers.

To aid visitors seeking to learn about Industrial Vision Systems we have devised a What is Vision? section which provides information from all aspects of the industrial vision manufacturing industry. Featuring articles relating to machine vision, smart cameras, image processing and automated inspection.

Featured Products

MultiPix Imaging now distributing Photoneo’s 3D area sensors Helping to drive the future in autonomous systems, working in areas such as, collaborative robots, drones and self-driving vehicles; Photoneo creates ‘eyes for robots’ through high-quality, easy to use 3D area scanners. Providing a visual cortex for robots allows for robust picking and placing of objects as they navigate effortlessly through a space. Visit us at PPMA stand G50 to see a live demo of this camera! More...

CVS trevistaCAM – a unique smart camera for surface imaging The new CVS trevistaCAM is the latest addition to the CVS trevista range of advanced industrial surface inspection systems that use the patented 2.5D ‘shape from shading’ process. The low cost CVS trevistaCAM is a ready to use, completely self-contained 4 Mpixel smart camera system which has applications in automotive, print & packaging, test and measurement and the pharmaceutical Industry. More...