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Welcome to the UK Industrial Vision Association

The primary objective of the UK Industrial Vision Association is to promote the use of image processing technology by manufacturing industry in the UK. One of the most important ways in which this is done is to provide information about all the members, on a factual and uniform basis, to all enquirers.

To aid visitors seeking to learn about Industrial Vision Systems we have devised a What is Vision? section which provides information from all aspects of the industrial vision manufacturing industry. Featuring articles relating to machine vision, smart cameras, image processing and automated inspection.

Featured Products

CVS Hyperinspect – a complete system for industrial hyperspectral imaging CVS Hyperinspect from STEMMER IMAGING is a complete, modular system that makes the powerful capabilities of hyperspectral imaging available to machine vision users. CVS Hyperinspect can analyse the chemical properties of an organic material in real time to reveal information that traditional imaging methods cannot show. More...

Basler Introduce a Further 20 New ace Models with IMX Sensors Multipix Imaging present the ace classic product line, which includes the ace models with CMOS sensors from CMOSIS, e2V and ON Semiconductor as well as CCD sensors from Sony. ace U includes models with Pregius and STARVIS sensors from Sony as well as PYTHON sensors from ON Semiconductor. The ace L product line offers ace models with high-resolution 9 and 12 MP sensors up to 1.1" from the Sony Pregius series. More...

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