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Welcome to the UK Industrial Vision Association

The primary objective of the UK Industrial Vision Association is to promote the use of image processing technology by manufacturing industry in the UK. One of the most important ways in which this is done is to provide information about all the members, on a factual and uniform basis, to all enquirers.

To aid visitors seeking to learn about Industrial Vision Systems we have devised a What is Vision? section which provides information from all aspects of the industrial vision manufacturing industry. Featuring articles relating to machine vision, smart cameras, image processing and automated inspection.

Featured Products

Stemmer - ‘Human assistance’ camera improves manual assembly The Ricoh SC-10 camera inspection system is designed to both provide assembly instructions to operators and verify each step has been completed correctly. The simple, self-contained camera system is having a major impact in many different manufacturing environments in Japan is now available in Europe exclusively from STEMMER IMAGING. More...

See Beyond the Visible with NIT SWIR Cameras from MultiPix Imaging Short-Wave Infrared imaging covers the wavelength range from 900nm to 1700nm. Many applications that are difficult or impossible to perform using visible light are made possible, with great results. SWIR is similar to visible light in that photons are reflected or absorbed by an object, providing the strong contrast needed for higher resolution imaging– unlike thermal images, that rely on radiated photons. See these cameras in action at our ‘What the Eyes Can’t See’ Wise Up Events… More...