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Bytronic Vision

PC-based Vision Systems

PC-based systems harness the ever-increasing power of mass market computing for high performance vision systems. These systems can support the most complex image processing capabilities with a versatility that ranges from single PC and single camera to multi-computer, multi-camera configurations.

Cable and connector products for machine vision is another important area to consider as in most imaging or machine vision applications, a robust interconnect between the industrial camera and the PC or image processor is required. There are not only many camera interfacing standards available but also environmental requirements for machine vision cable such as the need for robotic flex, fire safe and resistance to chemical exposure. Standard machine vision cables as well as custom and specialist cables are all available.

PC based machine vision systems all require an interface between the camera and computer. In modern systems this is based on a number of machine vision camera interface standards. Some interfacing standards use the consumer ports that reside inside the a PC such as USB or FireWire while others require an additional camera interface card often called a frame grabber.