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Industrial Vision Systems

Industrial vision systems can introduce automation into the production process at a number of different levels, from simply speeding up the inspection process to being an integral part of a statistical process control system that can identify when a manufacturing process is moving out of specification so that remedial action can be taken before any defective product is manufactured.

On-line inspection systems acquire images of products and inspect them in real time before providing a decision about product quality. This can be useful in identifying problems and enabling process improvements to stop substandard items getting through to the next stage of production.

There are basically three main types of vision systems: smart cameras; compact vision systems and PC-based systems.

Other areas to consider when specifying vision systems are machine vision illumination products. Specifying machine vision lighting is a critical step when designing an industrial vision system as getting the illumination geometry and wavelength correct makes the vision system more reliable and simplifies the inspection task considerably.

Also, selecting the right lens for a machine vision camera can have a significant effect on the image quality and therefore success of the machine vision application. With a wide range of lens mounts, sensor resolutions and sensor sizes it’s important to choose an industrial lens with the correct specification for the application. The wide variety of available photo electric sensor types with their varying function characteristics makes is possible to solve nearly every detection problem.