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The Role of Vision System Integrator

As the benefits of machine vision become more widespread and the perceived risks associated with undertaking a new machine vision project have decreased more and more manufacturing companies are seeking to implement vision systems on their production processes as part of their commitment to enhancing quality.

Vision System suppliers and distributors can offer a multitude of product and application orientated systems which  end users can install and support with minimal effort.   However, for more challenging vision applications; where the distinction between a good or bad product is critical or where the installation set up is complex a Vision System Integrator can be key to the success of the project.

A Vision System Integrator invests time to understand a customer's unique requirements and will design and build a vision solution that meets the customer's specific manufacturing needs in terms of performance, reliability and adaptability.  Often this means Vision System Integrators are undertaking one of a kind projects; specifying and configuring systems to a customer's requirements.  Examples of such projects include the integration of cameras into existing production lines, vision systems combined with ancillary equipment such as conveyors for product rejection, pick and place, robotics  or the provision of  stand- alone inspections, separate to the process.

As the range of vision technology available is so vast, integrators often concentrate on niche areas e.g.  industries  such as healthcare and pharmaceutical, automotive, food and beverage through to aerospace and renewable energies.  Other integrators specialise in specific interests such as robotics.   Many integrators are highly skilled engineers able to add value to a project through the development of their own application specific software, or though their experience of combining vision systems with material handling. At all times an integrator will work closely with machine vision suppliers; using their support for tried and tested applications and ensuring the technology available is used to the customer's greatest advantage.

The services offered by Vision System Integrators can vary from the provision and installation of camera and communications through to complete turnkey inspection systems complete with product handling, validation, training and ongoing support once in production.

Matching an Integrators experience with your project requirements and expectations will provide a fruitful partnership and is critical in ensuring the successful realisation of any vision project.