More than a Check Weigher

Visual and electronic inspection
Newtec has developed a new vision-based end of line quality inspection device incorporated in our high performance CheckPoint.
Equipped with our state-of-the-art vision systems, the Check Point measures and assesses a whole range of criteria in addition to weight, such as checking the packaging material and the product angle on the belt.
Streamline your production
The vision system can play an important role in reducing products that are incorrectly identified as having an accepted weight. For example, if the packaging is not closed correctly (leaking) it might result in loose products on the belt along-side an open packaging. This means that this packaging may not be rejected by weight alone and therefore end up in the supermarket.
Alternatively, sometimes two packagings may arrive at the Check Point too close together and will then be weighed at the same time and consequently rejected due to overweight.
However, with the latest generation of our Check Point, modelQC90-2, this error is avoided as the speed of the infeed belt can be adapted, and thereby correct deviations (if any) and establish the correct distance between the packagings which may not exceed the configured speed.
Furthermore, Newtec’s Check Points can be configured by the operator in order to identify and reject any packaging that does not meet the requirements, regarding size, colour, shape and product angle on the belt.
When it comes to final quality inspection, these features are only the beginning. We continue to develop our vision system enabling it to identify characteristics that previously required human intervention. An upgrade of your software will give you access to new features.
News item provided by: Newtec