Orion 2K Line Scan Allegro Smart Camera

From Imaging Solutions Group comes this new Orion 2k Line Scan camera offering:-
  • Configurable conversion capacitance for high SNR or high sensitivity
  • Configurable pixel size  10 x10um or 10 X 200um
  • Max line rate up to 80 kHz 
  •      Applications 
  •      High speed scanning 
  •      Detecting extremely low signal levels 
  •      Spectrometry 
  •      OCT 
  •      Machine Vision 
  •      Embedded Imaging
 Allegro Cameras are customizable and contain:-
  • Large 256MB image buffer for fast burst capture
  • Powerful ARM processor and FPGA
  • Lightwise Image Processing for superior image quality
News item provided by: Alrad Imaging