HELIO-STROB tripLED the high-performance stroboscope for industrial applications

Designed for industrial applications and quality assurance, the device can be used both with mains and battery operation. Equipped with the latest LED and reflector technology, the light output is now comparable to that of conventional stroboscopes. The 15 CREE high power LED have a high brightness of up to 5500 Lux. Extremely short flash impulses with constant brightness enable “freeze images” as well as a slow-motion observation of fast processes. Thanks to the intuitive handling via touch panel and an “intelligent” twist knob operation you easily get accurate and reliable results. The HELIO-STROB tripLED can be effectively used in the field of quality control, vibration analysis and speed measurement as well as for the setting up of machines. Besides the choice between internal and external control of the flash rate, the HELIO-STROB tripLED presents a convincing range of interesting extra functions. Proximity switches and optical sensors can be directly connected to the signal input of the stroboscope.
News item provided by: Alrad Imaging