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Managing Director: Nicolas Stein
Marketing & Business Development Manager: Nadine Hummert


ROSENQVISTS FOOD TECHNOLOGIES: Frying and seasoning systems: Frying systems, seasoning systems and complete frying lines for potato chips/french fries, potato crisps, pellets, nuts...
Offering complete, value-adding solutions for the food processing industry, Rosenqvists' focus is on processing lines for French fries and the snack food industry, including complete lines for potato chips and frying systems for pellets, prefabricated chips, peanuts, batch fried chips, tortilla, wet pasta, etc.
TOMRA SORTING FOOD: Laser Sorters: Optical inspection systems for nuts, dried fruits, seeds, frozen fruit & vegetables to efficiently remove foreign bodies & discolorations based on structure, colour, shape or fluorescence differences.
TOMRA SORTING FOOD: Camera Sorters: Inspection systems for vegetables, fruits, potato products to remove discolorations and defects based on colour or shape differences.
TOMRA SORTING FOOD: Optical Sorters: Inspection systems combining laser and camera sorting technology to efficiently remove discolorations and foreign material from a vast range of products.
TOMRA SORTING FOOD: X-Ray Sorters: Inspection systems to detect high density foreign material such as metal, glass, stones, etc... in packaged or unpackaged products.
TOMRA SORTING FOOD: Large product Optical Sorters: Optical inspection of whole peeled and unpeeled potatoes and root vegetables. Detection and removal of foreign material, colour defects and mis-shapen or over/undersized product.
TOMRA SORTING FOOD: Steam Peelers: State-of-the-art steam peeling solutions for potatoes/root vegetables for a wide range of throughputs. Odenberg peelers combine optimal peel quality with minimal yield loss and energy consumption.


TOMRA Sorting NV:

(previously BEST Sorting and ODENBERG Engineering):

Specialised in manufacturing and supplying of sorting machinery and highly performing peeling solutions for the food industry, TOMRA is able to provide optimal solutions for every sorting and peeling requirement.

Thanks to a wide range of technologies (using laser, camera, fluorescence, LED, X-Ray, induction or a combination of these), tailor-made sorting solutions can be offered for every application and production environment.

With over 25 years of experience in laser sorting technology TOMRA has always been at the forefront of the development of innovative sorting techniques.

TOMRA is also a worldwide market leader in whole product sorting and peeling with 65% of the world's French fries peeled in TOMRA equipment.

Novel technologies brought forth by the company include steam-vacuum pasteurisation for low moisture foods and a unique electrochemically active natural biocide for washing of fresh produce and sanitation of food production equipment.

The management of the company brings together competence in the fields of science, nutrition, food technology, food processing, equipment manufacturing and business development.


Rosenqvists Food Technologies AB started in 2009 when a group of experts with long experience and background from the development and design of processing lines for the potato processing and snack food industries joined Rosenqvists.

The group of people came from PPM AB ( Potato Processing Machinery AB ), Kristianstad, Sweden, which for more than 40 years had used the manufacturing expertise of Rosenqvists to build the complete processing lines.

Their goal is to create complete, value-added solutions for the food processing industry and their focus is on processing lines for French fries and the snack food industry.

Products include seasoning systems, complete lines for French fries/chips and potato crisps, frying systems for batch fried crisps, nuts, pellets, prefabricated crisps, tortilla, wet pasta, etc.


Stein Solutions is specialised in the supply of state-of-the-art optical sorting equipment for the food industry as well as highly performing steam peeling solutions for potatoes and root vegetables, frying and seasoning systems for potato and snack foods, serving a huge variety of products and markets including fresh and frozen fruit and vegetables, dried fruit and nuts, fresh and frozen potato products, snack foods, seafood, salads, spices and seeds.