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Sensors (position, process): inductive, capacitive, magnetic, photoelectric, speed, safety, encoders, speed, flow, pressure, level, temperature.
Indent and control: Vision, identification, code readers, power supplies; displays, evaluation. AS-interface, cables.
Diagnostics: Condition monitoring for vibration and contamination; water or particles in oil.



In 45 years ifm electronic has established itself as a market leader in sensors and control equipment with a reputation for innovation, quality and value.
Position sensors make up the bulk of ifm electronic's product range. These include inductive sensors incorporating the latest sensing and manufacturing technologies; capacitive sensors, which now include IO-Link for remote setting; photoelectric sensors with innovations such as unique on-chip time-of-flight technology, enabling long ranges unaffected by reflective backgrounds, and pioneering sensors for wet areas, plus IO-Link equipped photoelectric sensors. ifm electronic also manufactures sensors for pneumatic cylinders and standard sensors using solid-state magnetic technology. Sensing innovations also include programmable incremental shaft encoders with built-in display, counting and speed evaluation functions
Vision systems have formed part of ifm's range for more than a decade, from 2D sensors to our unique 3D devices, still unmatched on the market.
Safety has become a core feature of ifm's range in recent years, with light curtains complementing the inductive safety technology, which is also still unequalled.

In addition to personnel safety, ifm also offers many devices for ATEX-rated areas.
With increasing demand for identification and traceability, ifm offers robust code readers for 1D and 2D codes based on the vision technology, and RFID systems utilising LF, HF and UHF for most industrial applications.
Condition-based maintenance has replaced regular machine downtime for inspection in many fields, and this is aided now by ifm's range of diagnostic products, ranging from simple vibration sensors to full systems with remote monitoring and also to products checking oil for contamination by water or metal particles.
In addition to the power supplies that all systems need, ifm electronic also offers devices to monitor many other physical variables such as speed, direction and slip, or for signal conversion.
Another major range of sensors is represented by the process control range. This covers a wide variety of flow sensors and meters, pressure sensors and gauges, temperature and level sensors. As with all ifm products, the emphasis with our process sensors is on reliability, ease of use and innovative technologies.
Everything needed for complete control system installations using the revolutionary Asi field wiring system is now available from a single source - ifm electronic. Ifm offers a full range of Asi components: Asi master and slave modules, pushbuttons and indicator lamps with integral Asi interfaces, dedicated Asi power supplies, Asi cable and even an Asi-specific programmable controller.
With its head office in Hampton, Middlesex, ifm electronic Ltd., is the UK subsidiary of the world's largest manufacturer of industrial electronic sensors, ifm electronic GmbH of Essen, Germany. The company specialises in the application of advanced electronic technology to produce innovative and effective solutions for industrial control applications, most of which are manufactured in the company's own factories. Ifm electronic is committed to working closely with its customers to develop products which precisely match their needs and the company also recognises that expert and readily accessible support is as important as the excellence of the products themselves. For these reasons, more than one-third of ifm electronics' worldwide staff is engaged in research, development and technical support.